Raw Diet Weight Loss

Raw diet weight loss, before you get started we need to talk a bit about what is a raw food, and why it will help you lose weight. Raw means not only uncooked but also unprocessed, except for cleaning. After harvesting, everything we do to food makes the food more easily digestible. If you take a grain like wheat and crack it…the molecules are more readily available to the digestive juices and therefore the sugars can be more easily dissolved into the blood. If the outer husk of this grain is removed, the food becomes more easily digestible. If we grind or cut a food into smaller pieces it becomes more easily digestible. If a grain or seed is allowed to sprout, it is more digestible. But most of all it is cooking that makes a food more digestible. The heat causes molecules to break apart and even break down into smaller molecules.

It is a well known fact that raw foods are more difficult to digest than cooked foods. The Raw Diet Weight Loss Diet takes advantage of this fact and allows you to lose weight by simply eating only raw uncooked foods. None of these diets should be considered a long term solution to losing weight, but it can be very helpful to add them for a week or so.

As a matter of fact, I just got through reading a really good book about how mankind has evolved by Richard Wrangham called “ Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human” In this book he explains how we are able to absorb calories much more rapidly in cooked foods than in raw foods and therefore require a much smaller digestive system than any of our close relatives such as gorilla’s and chimps. He further shows how studies that have been done on people eating all raw foods almost always lose weight.

Raw diet weight loss may not be good for all of the time, but it definitely something to have in your arsenal of techniques for losing weight.

By the way it can be very good to change up your diet just to keep your stomach confused and thus make your digestive system less effective.

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