Calories in a Tossed Salad

Make it a Low Calorie Salad

There are an infinite number of ways to make a salad. Some of the salads have lots of calories and are not particular healthy. This is how to make a healthy low calorie tossed salad that has only about 200 calories for a large bowl of salad.

The key to this salad being healthy and low calorie is to use only vegetables. See the chart on this page on the calories in vegetables to pick healthy low calorie vegetables. Once you have the ingredients in the bowl use a very small container to mix one tablespoon of oil and vinegar. (I use an old spice container) Shake the oil and vinegar before pouring on the salad. Add salt and pepper and then shake or toss. Shake well because this is the real key to using less salad dressing.

Ingredients Amount Calories total Use 1/4 save 3/4 Calories in one salad
tomatoe  three cherry 12
olive oil 1 tablespoon 118
vinegar 1 tablespoon 5
lettuce one 10 oz bag 52
vegetable mix 
carrots about 3 oz 35
peppers 3 peppers  25
onion one slice 25
celery one stalk 7
total of vegetable mix 92 23 23
Total 210

In the chart above the vegetables in yellow are cut up and about 3/4 of them are saved in the refrigerator for a quick salad on another day.