Celery Negative Calories

To give you an idea of how celery negative calories can work, let us see what that means, we’ll go through the process:

How does this negative calorie calorie thing work? First, the foods on the list are obviously low in calories, right? Here’s how they work. Take a apple negative calories for instance as an example.

The average celery stalk contains about 6 calories. Needless to say, thinking about celery won’t burn off any calories, but getting up and out of your chair, walking to your kitchen, finding the celery, picking it up and eating it burns off calories. Not lots mind you, but a few. Probably right around 5. Cool, your 6-calorie celery is now down to 1calorie and you haven’t even put it in your mouth! Now you’ve got to eat your celery. Let’s say it takes you 10 minutes to finish. That’s another 10 calories burned off! You’re smokin’! You’ve broken that 6-calorie celery down to negative 9 calories! The rest of the process is easy. You take care of that, internally. The actual digestive process your body will go through to take care of that celery requires energy from your body to make it happen. You’ve got to chew it. Digestive muscles and organs utilize heat and energy to get the job done. The energy your body uses for this process burns off even more calories. For the celery, another 75 calories to digest it, bringing the calories for that apple down to an astonishing –84! A negative calorie effect, yet you’ve satisfied your hunger! That, in essence, is the magic of the Negative Calorie food. Will every food produce a total negative calorie effect? No, but that’s okay, while consuming very few calories.

I know what you are thinking. I can eat celery for -84 calories and then eat 100 calorie snack pack and it is only 16 calories. Wrong! In the real world life is complicated. The roughage in the celery might even help the digestion of the other food. Also the body may be able to digest both the celery and snack pack for 70 calories. Add a third food and it may still only take 70 calories to digest all three foods. Some foods digest more completely with some foods less efficiently with other foods. Some foods need a low pH for digestion and some need a higher pH. The real take away from the negative calorie diet is that these foods are basically healthy, fill you up and take awhile to digest. It is good to add as many as you can if you are trying to lose weight…..but this means eating less of high calorie foods.

As long as we are on the topic of digestion, it is well known that raw foods are more difficult to digest than cooked foods. The the raw secrets takes advantage of this fact and allows you to lose weight by simply eating only raw uncooked foods. None of these diets should be considered a long term solution to losing weight, but it can be very helpful to add them for a week or so.

As a matter of fact, I just got through reading a really good anthropology book by Richard Wrangham called Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human

In this book he explains how we are able to absorb calories much more quickly in cooked foods and therefore require a much smaller digestive system than any of our close realatives such as gorilla’s and chimps. He further shows how studies that have been done on people eating all raw foods almost always lose weight.

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