Home Tips for Weight Loss

Home Tips for Weight Loss is about, knowing that you have to take charge of your own weight loss. You can change what goes on in your own home. You can set an example for your spouse and children. Remember you have to keep measuring so that you see what works for you. Things that worked for me as a teenager, do not work for me now. Vice versa what works for you may not work for others in your household.

To succeed in losing weight you need to go about it the same way you would to be successful in any other aspect of your life. Set realistic goals, expectations and fill yourself with the most up-to-date knowledge out there. Weight Loss Tips starts off with what Ideal-Weight-Charts.com is all about.

1. Weigh yourself daily: I know some say that this can be discouraging, but you should weight yourself at the start of every day. Do not worry about what the scales say. My weight easily goes up and down 5 pounds. What is important that at the start of the day you reafirm your comitmit to stay the course.
2. Write it down: Studies have shown that simply writing down your workouts will help keep you in the gym longer and keep you progressing. This site offers several ways to write it down. Such as a weight loss journal , weight loss calendar , food diary , an exercise journal. or a calories burned exercise chart
3. Set realistic expectations: To lose weight using a proper diet and exercise plan expect to lose 1-3 pounds a week. Chances are that if you are losing more than that you're probably cheating with pills or taking some sort of diuretic. The long run perspective wins every time.
4. Workout with a friend: Working out with a partner increases motivation.
5. Workout by yourself. If you depend on someone else, you will likely fail.
6. Plan your meals out every week: It will help keep you on track. Perhaps you should even cook all of your meals on Sunday and then divide them into ready to serve containers.
7. Add more weight: Progressive overload is extremely important for fat burn and muscle gain. If you do not increase the dificulty of your workout, you will not get stronger and add muscle. (This is why I like Tom Venuto.)
8. Eat 6 times a day: Eating more often boosts your metabolism throughout the day.
9. Eat 3 times a day: This is more normal and leads to life time habits.
10. Set realistic expectations: To lose weight using a proper diet and exercise plan expect to lose 1-3 pounds a week. Chances are that if you are losing more than that you're probably cheating with pills or taking some sort of diuretic.
11. Stop dieting: Instant YOYO diets or pills are NOT good for your body, so don’t do it!
12. Dieting Works: Control the Yo-Yo by using charts and weighing every day; especially when you are not on a diet. Before you are off of one diet, plan the next one. Having a plan to get started on a new diet should be a prerequisit for getting off of your diet.
13. If you're hungry at night, eat healthy. A recent research study concluded that people that snacked on a small bowl of cereal instead of their chips counterparts lost more weight.
14. If you are hungry at night, go to sleep and plan for an extra piece of fruit or breakfast food at breakfast.
15. Keep snack food out of the house. If the food is not naturally rich in nutrition, keep it out of the house.
16. Work hard Play hard, then relax. The gym is for working out not for socializing and taking 10 minute breaks between sets. Politely sugest socializing after the workout while walking around the track during the cool down.
17. Prioritize your Exercise goals: What do you want to get out of your workouts? Why not train that way. A lot of people want to bulk up and then do 130 minutes of cardio. Sit down and think out your workout in accordance to your goals.
18. Study. Many people rely on the media to feed them information about fitness. Most fitness professionals can't stand all the myths about weight loss. Ie. The new fad of the a magic shaking fat loss machine, or the diet pill of the day.
19. Know your body: Different people need a different caloric intake, workout and motivation.
20. Measure your results: You may not know your body as well as you think, and it changes with time. Measuring also gives you motivation.
21. The 80 20 rule. The 80% to 20% rule implies that you eat right 80% of the time and eat 'ok' the other 20% of the time. Just make sure you measure int terms of days and not hours. You must diet at least 8 days in a row before you relax in your eating for the next 2 days. If you only diet 80% of the day (19.2 hours) and then eat what you want for 20% of the day (4.8 hours) you will gain weight.
22. Eliminate the Roadblocks: Find the things that are preventing you from working out out and change them.
23. Limit the Negative of Others. If you think all thin people are conceited for instance, you will not want to be thin. If you think heavy people are genetically inferior, you will feel helpless.
24. You are what you eat: PERIOD
25. Think before you go grocery shoping or order: Before you order those fries with the white bun burger, think about what you're goals are. Do you really think you'll get there eating like this? Look up the restaurant calories online. As you make up that grocery list have a calorie counter chart handy.
26. Get rid of bad food. The less temptation you have in your kitchen the better. There are plenty of charities in need of your food.
27. Use vinegar. Vinegar helps regulate blood sugar levels.
28. Replace salt with vinegar
29. Take a multivitamin Most people do not get nearly the varied diet that the food guides recommend so do yourself a favour and take a Multivitamin .
30. Take a high EPA/DHA fish oil tablet. Natural Fish Oil with Omega-3 Fatty Acids  not only helps decrease the risk of cancer but it helps you shed fat! (not sure about this)
31. Drink coffee: Not only does coffee help increase your body temperature but recent research suggest that coffee also helps decrease heart disease by as much as 40% (in women).
32. Beware of all the health foods: some like coffee are ok as long as it is in moderation with no cream and sugar; but if you try to eat all of the healthy foods, you will gain weight.
33. Drink water: Water doesn't contain fat, sugar or carbs. Some of your bodies cravings for carbs and moist foods may actrally be cravings for water.
34. Drink hot tea and hot soup: Sometimes the bodies cravings for warm food are acutually cravings for heat. Be ready with no calorie and low calorie foods.
35. Drop the soda, alcohol and juices: Waste of calories.
36. Think about your portion sizes: Your portion sizes are always smaller than you think.
37. Set alarms for your workout
 The more you can remind yourself to workout the better.
38. Record your workouts. Record your workouts on a calendar.
39. SPICE. Spices are super healthy and loaded with flavor. Spices also reduce your need for so much salt.
40. Write your goals. A self-contract will help keep you on track Keep all your written material in a loose leaf notebook.
41. Keep Weight Loss Recipes: Type your favorite weight loss receipes only. These special recipes should be kept in your weight loss notebook.
42. Rewrite your Goals: My Goals at 60 are different than they were when I was overweight at 10.
43. Look back: Look at your progress monthly and reassess. Check out Weight Loss Calendars.
44. Salad is available: Salad is always available at restaurants, just make sure you add the chicken, tuna and nuts to keep it packed full of nutrients. I keep an old olive oil plastic container with half olive oil and half basalmic vinegar.
45. Salad can be a trap. They can be full of fat laden dressing and nut and cheese.
46. Relax. Stress is a major reason for failed weight loss plans. Get a Massage if needed.
47. Exercise when you feel stressed. Walking jogging and other aerobics are great.
48. Keep your chin up. A positive outlook is a great attribute.
49. Reward yourself: Find Ways to reward yourself, besides with food. A book, a movie...you decide. Give it some thought. write it in your Journal.
50. Try a personal trainer: A personal trainer is a great tool to help you stay on the right track. You do not have to keep them forever.
51. Try a different cardio exercise. Sticking to the same cardio machine can wreak havoc on your muscles and actually increase the risk of injury if you try something other than that machine. When the weather is good, try walking or jogging.
52. Stretch daily: Stretching is important for injury prevention and overall health. I start streching even before I get out of bed.
53. Drink an after workout shake: After workout shakes (protein and carbs) have been proven to help increase muscle mass more than just drinking water.
54. Be careful of high calorie foods that say: “energy drink” or” protein drink” the after workout shakes are only for those wanting to add muscle and should not be used when you are in the weight loss mode unless you account for the extra calories.
55. Ignore BMI: BMI is a good indicator for the average individual but if you're in good shape forget about it. Body measurements and % fat are better indicators of health.
56. You do not have to workout while sick. Just wait for the cold to pass and then train hard again. Keep a record of the average number of days you workout per week. I average 3 days a week. I will workout 4 days a week for awhile to make up for the sick days.
57. Try HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to burn fat.
58. Try Weightlifting: I really liked this program by Tom Venuto.
59. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables: The chances are that you're not eating enough. I love a banana for breakfast.
60. Conrtol Your Moods: Know when your body tells you to eat simple carbs and fats and prevent it. Food is an addiction. Go cold turkey. Try giving up these foods for a new years resolution, for lent or whatever it takes.
61. Try something new: Bored of the same routine? Try cross training with a new sport. It's a great way to keep in shape and stay happy.
62. Stick to what you love. I grab my binoculars and go birdjogging. That is jogging and bird watching at the same time. I love it. I can not wait to go.
63. Whey Protein: Whey protein is an excellent way to keep yourself in an anabolic state (muscle growing). Also check out % protein in food.
64. Keep your gym close: The closer the gym is to your house the higher the chances that you'll workout. If you plan on moving, consider the closest gym. I have a small gym at work. It takes no time to get there. Time in the car is not exactly exercise.
65. Don't Overtrain: There are plenty of ways to prevent overtraining and one of them is going outside and learning a new sport. Remember to think long term.
66. Eat Quinoa: Not only is Quinoa a superfood but it contains complete protein! Ok, I did not know what this was a year ago, and now I eat it in place of such starches as mashed potatoes or rice. Remember, it too has calories, so have a small portion.
67. Eat Sweetpotatoes: This one I new what it was and can even get it in resteraunts. It is loaded in vitamins and minerals, so a half of a large potatoe is enough.
68. Eat Potatoes: Do you see a patern here. All starches in moderation. Half a baked potatoe is plenty.
69. Whole Wheat: Eliminate white bread. One piece of whole wheat bread a day is more than enough. I should also mention brown rice. The key is 3 small portions a day, and the staches should be relatively unprocessed and full of vitimins, fiber, and minerals.
70. Abs three times a week: Don't be a hero and work your abs more than that, if you're using weight (you should be) it will only overtrain them.
71. Green Tea: This super tea is great for increasing metabolism and decreasing overall fat. A few bags of green tea can last a long time.
72. Visualize: Visualization or Imagery is a great tool to help you complete the scheduled amount of reps and sets (You are writing your workouts down, right?!). Visualize yourself not only working out but also being in great shape.
73. Brain: Don't forget about training your brain daily with new brain puzzles. It's fine to have a goal but don't forget about keeping your mind sharp.
74. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - Use it. But measure. One Tablespoon is enough. Remember the salad dressing.
75. Salsa: The only condiment that should be in your fridge should be the magical vegetable bottle. No chips. Add it to your meals, or as a dip for raw vegetables.
76. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a great way to make sure you get your complex carbohydrates in the morning. It should be mixed with some fresh berries and whey protein or egg whites. Caution: it has lots of calories. Remember three small servings of stachs per day.
77. Switch your weight goals: This goal swiching is called Periodization and refers to switching up your goals to make sure your body does not adapt to its stressors. Have you ever watched children "play outside" they move every which way.
78. Play with children: Maybe their good natural habits will rub off on you. My mom was right. Children should play outside. How about some new outside play equipment.
79. Jumping and throwing: A

great way to increase your fitness level. It increases your speed, agility and boosts your metabolism longer than the slow rep counterpart. Here is a book that teach adults how to play and increase your High-Powered Exercise
80. Circuit Training: Probably one of the best ways for a quick workout and to burn fat. Here is an example of how to Save Time with Circuit Training
81. Focus on the compound movements such as: bench press, deadlifts, squats and military press. They will decrease fat faster than any isolation exercise period.
82. Smoothies in the summer: In the summer these are a great milk shake substituteMake your own with low fat yogurt or a powdered mix ice and fresh fruit.
83. Less workout equal less calories . Forget the starches and other energy foods.
84. Look at the ingredients The chances are that sugar has been added. Get used to foods that are less sweet. You will begin to notice natural sweetness.
85. Eat Wild Fish. Eat in moderation. Once a week is enough.
86. Take the stairs. Just taking the stairs in a day can drastically increase your metabolism.
87. Park further away. It also protects your car. (daytime only)
88. Stop Smoking. For those of you who still do it, think about what you're doing to yourself and your family. It is hard to exercise if you can not breath.
89.Do not depend on Pilates and Yoga. Sure it makes you sweat and you might be sore after but did it create fat melting, muscle pumping muscle? NO This is the biggest fad right now. Yoga and Pilates are incredible for stress and relaxation but don't 

think it's going to help get your abs wash clothes.
90. Be honest with yourself. You say that you've done everything to lose weight but after reading this list, have you? I can find ways to cheat on every diet, but I am only cheating myself.
91. Reminders. Don't be afraid to put notes all over your house, on your steering wheel, on the door to your office. It will help keep your mind focused.
92. Chicken, Eggs and Fish are the best sources of protein you can eat, buy and eat them often.
93. Workout Music Use it. Tie in what you enjoy. I birdwatch while jogging.
94. Forget the gimmicks. The shortcut to success is will power.
95. Quiz your weight loss knowledge. Do you know everything about weight loss?
96. Ask Questions: After doing your homework do you have a question to ask a support group?
97. Start again: Weight Yourself again. Have you lost weight in the last two weeks? If so keep it up. If not ....Change something!Always have a plan, always have a backup plan. Be specific. The plan is not...I am going to lose 10 pounds. The plan is that I am going to run an average of 3 days a week and eat less than 1200 calories a day.
99. Try new weight loss programs. I learn something everytime.
100.Get enought sleep.
101.Talk and Learn from others. 
Do not be afraid to say outloud: "I am on a diet." "I can not eat that." Ask what others do. Ask yourself about the others:
"How is that working for you?"...be observant.
102. Keep the scales Handy: When it comes to home tips for weight loss, remember that the scales should be in several rooms of the house. There should be scales in every bathroom. There should be kitchen scales on the counter on the kitchen.
103. Easy to reach measuring cups. How big is that portion? Measure every now and then to prevent portion (calorie) creep.

Do you have any Home tips for weight loss? I would love to hear your ideas.

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