Jessica Ho

by Jessica Ho
(Saint Louis, MO)

Yes, yes i do.

Yes, yes i do.

Because its true.

Comment by Ideal Weight Engineer (the one who writes this web site):

I almost did not approve this submission because it seemed off topic, but then I realized that this was what I was looking for. I only wish that Jessica would have sent a picture of herself so that others with a similar body shape could feel good about themselves.

There is always a fine line between improving our bodies and feeling good about our bodies. A woman that feels good about her body will be more attractive, and more likely to take good care of that body. Let us all thank God for our bodies and try and take care of them.

Yes, we can clearly see that these penguins have ideal bodies for penguins. It is strange to me that we can not clearly see what humans should look like. That is why I wrote about Ideal Body Shape as Determined by Anthropology.

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