Pedometer For Running

When deciding on a pedometer for running, first consider the main reasons that you want a pedometer. This review is about finding a running pedometer that is best for you not about finding the best pedometer.  All of these pedometers are great.  I will start by telling you which pedometer I got and why.  I  was born in 1951.  My "running" is more like jogging and gets closer to walking every year.  I go running through a small patch of woods where I

stop to watch the birds.  My fear is to find myself running near some young woman (under 55) and having my macho competition  come out and then dying of  a heart attack.  I have been running for over 40 years and I hope to continue, but I know that I will have to slow down as I get older, as my goal is health  not speed.  The pedometer I use is the HJ-113.  I simply take it from my work pants and put it into my jogging shorts when I go running. On days I go jogging I also like to get in my 10000 steps.

a running pedometer on the shoe called a foot pod.

Suunto Motion Activated Foot POD

Product Description:

The new smaller and lighter Suunto Foot POD wirelessly transmits speed and distance data to your Suunto Wristop Computer heart rate monitor, providing you a more complete analysis of your workout. It features accurate data collection during both indoor and outdoor workouts by measuring each stride with built-in acceleration sensors and speed limit alarms alert you if you're going above or below your preset limits. When combined with the integrated altimeter of a Suunto T6 or T6c, you'll get an even more complete picture of your performance--uphill, downhill, and on any terrain. It has a water resistance rating of 30 meters (100 feet), enabling it to withstand rain and splashes of water, but not swimming


  1. Provides speed and distance measurement
  2. It records lap times and distances for interval training
  3. Speed limit alarms alert you if you're going above or below your  limits
  4. Attaches firmly to your shoelaces
  5. Operates up to 200 hours on single CR2032 battery
  6. Water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet)

  1. Difficult to transfer to other shoes
  2. Can not be used with slip on shoes such as loafers
  3. Must also purchace Suunto Wristop Computer heart rate monitor (or similar)
  4. Not for use with computer
Who is this for?
This is for the serious runner who wants to know their speed and distance.  It is for those that need to know their pace so they can improve.  As it works in conjunction with the heart rate monitor, it is for anyone who wishs to measure their heart rate as well as speed and distance.

Who is this not for?
This is not for someone who wants to keep up with how many steps they take in an entire day. This pedometer is not for someone who wears different pairs of shoes when they exercise.  This pedometer is not for someone who  wants to use a computer to see how they did and how far they have gone.  This is not for someone who does not want to also buy a wrist monitor.

Here is what E.E. Maier has to say:
I really like the foot pod. I'm in the Air Force and run quite often to keep myself in shape, and I have always found it hard to gauge my speed... usually I have to use lap times, but by the time I make a lap, I'm either already getting worn out because I ran too fast or I realize I'm going too slow and I have to really push on the next 5 laps to make up for it. With the Suunto T3 + this foot pod, I can easily watch my speed and adjust throughout my run. I have found that the foot pod is a little bit off - about .01 mile per 1/4 mile, but I have easily adapted to that.

I also find it really nice to be able to run anywhere I want and know the exact distance I went. Super nice.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who runs.
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A pocket pedometer for running

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Health Management Software

Product Description:

This pedometer includes the Omron Health Management Software which allows you to analyze your results on a computer. This software provides a blood pressure and pulse graph that lets you see how your values are trending over time. A morning vs evening comparison graph tracks your morning and evening systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. You can also view your most common values and identify variations by time frame with the frequency distribution graph. The software is simple to use, and it supports multiple users. With just one click, you can download data via the HJ-720ITC's USB connection and see graphically displayed measurements on your computer screen in seconds.


  1. Includes Health Management Software with USB connection
  2. Large display with clock
  3. Can be carried in pocket or bag
  4. Measures steps, aerobic steps,calories and distance
  5. Software tracks days, weeks, months and years of exercise
  6. Automatically resets at midnight so it is ready to go in the morning (Just put on your pants)
  7. Includes detachable belt holder, security strap, clip, cable and CD-ROM
  1. If you do not use it regularly, you may lose it
  2. Does not give speed
  3. Must clip it or put it in your pocket
Who is this for?
This is for the person that wants to get in more walking exercise but has trouble working it into their schedule. This is for the more casual runner who wants to run on a regular basis, but may want to run in different locations or with different shoes. This is for the person that wants a simple device to know how they are doing at any given time of the day ,but may want to record their results every now and then on the computer to see how they are doing over time.

Who is this not for?
This is not for the serious runner who needs to know their speed at all times. It is not for those who would be better off keeping their pedometer on their shoes so they do not lose it.

This is what Dan had to day:
I have not used pedometers much, but really like this unit for a number of reasons. First, it is quite compact and can comfortably fit in a pocket and not feel bulky (you can wear with a clip too or hang it from a cord off a belt). Second, it really seems to accurately count steps. I tried it a few times by counting 50 or 100 steps with the unit in my pocket and it seems to be right on target as a step counter. To measure distance, I walked a 100 feet a couple of times to set my stride. With the stride in place, the distance measure seems pretty accurate. I walked a known distance (about a mile and a half) and then looked at both the step count and distance. The distance was a little short, which meant I needed to make a slight adjustment to the value of the stride. I made the same walk again and got the calculated distance was exactly on target.

Conclusion: This is an accurate pedometer in terms of counting steps and estimating distance.

I also really like the software. You simply attach the pedometer to your computer....  

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A great small pedometer for running

Oregon Scientific Pedometer with PC Download

Product Description:

You are able to track your walking workouts and stay motivated with the week long memory and PC download feature. This  pedometer with calorie counter takes your workout to the next level with a PC download feature. The PE830 measures steps taken, distance walked and calories burned, and stores this information for up to one week. User can program their target number of steps, distance or calories for training, and a count-down timer is also available. PC download function allows for data transfer from pedometer to PC software via USB cable.


  1. Pedometer with PC Download
  2. Small size
  3. Simple
  4. Readable while using

  1. Not sure if it works in pocket
  2. Needs double atachment when cliped
Who is this for?
This is for those who want a small clip on downloadale pedometer.  It is for those who value simplicity.

Who is this not for?
This is not for those who lose things.  It falls off a little easy and does not have a double clip arangement. It can also be lost because it does not firmly attach to your shoe laces.  

David says:
"This is one fantastic pedometer! First and foremost, the ability to store up to seven days worth activity on the pedometer itself and additionally to be able to download and save all of your activity onto your computer make this pedometer extremely useful and practical. The included software is surprisingly robust and allows you to set all kinds of preferences, alarms, and activity goals; and also offers analysis of your activity versus goals, including graphs. You can use the accompanying base to upload your information or any USB A-B cable. This is great because I can leave my base at home, and use a regular USB cable at work and/or on my laptop without bringing a bulky base.

The pedometer is very compact - about as big as two quarters, but the display is very easy to read with large numbers and letters. It has a variety of modes that you can cycle through, and you can set preferences, goals, timers, alarms, etc. either on the pedometer itself or on the computer with the included software. "    
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A Casio pedometer watch

Casio Men's SGW200-1VCF Pedometer Resin Strap Watch

Product description:
This pedometer watch was made for running. This Casio  Watch (#SGW200-1VCF)  has a built-in pedometer to help keep tabs on distance, calories used, average pace, and number of steps. Other functions include a stopwatch and countdown timer, five daily alarms and a calendar, and a back lit display with Afterglow technology. Not only intended for running, this Casio pairs well with office and casual wear. Other fashion highlights include a brushed silver-tone metal bezel, a black resin case, and raised resin buttons. With reliable Japanese quartz movement and a black resin band with a traditional buckle clasp, this watch is water resistant to 330 feet (100 meters).


   1. Better Than a Pedometer - Get Accurate Results Every Time
   2. Records: Steps, Miles, Stride Rate, Shoe Wear
   3. Battery life 5 to 6 years
   4.  Waterproof, Lightweight .05 oz, Makes no noise
   5. Stride Rate Feature is like having a personal coach, gives you feedback on every workout, helps prevent injuries,
   6. Automatically tells you when to replace your shoes, never have to keep track of shoe miles again
   7. Light weight


  1. A watch may be uncomfortable for some.
  2. Is a black watch really your style.
  3. If it is not your style, you will not use it all day long.
  4. If you do not use it all the time, you may lose it.
Who is this pedometer for?
This watch is for those who prefer to wear a watch rather than something in their pocket or on their shoe. It is for someone who only needs a pedometer for running and not for walking.

Who is this not for?
Not for those who do not like wearing a watch. Not for someone who also needs a pedometer for walking.

M. Oshea says:
"Even without adjusting the settings for stride length, this watch was pretty much dead on right out of the box. It may be that the default settings are set for an average person. I'm 5'8 and went on a run on a known distance course. When in the mode that showed step count, it picked up every step.

Seems to be geared for running, on page 55 of manual it says that the watch is designed to count steps while you are running. It will not count steps correctly while walking.It seems to work fine for steady walking while your arm is moving. But breaks do "confuse" it a little.
My experience with pedometers is limited. For running though, it works well.
Have used it for a few months now, very accurate. Used it on a 2 mile marked course and it was right on. Figured out how to switch between displays, so previous post was corrected. Overall a pretty good alternative to the GPS and/or foot pod setups
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womens watch with running pedometer

Tech 4 O Accelerator Women's Fitness Watch

Product Description:

Whether you're a backpacker, an avid runner, or simply looking to count your doctor's recommended 10k steps a day,  this watch fits the bill. Advanced accelerometer technology provides highly accurate readings of  speed, distance, and caloric expenditure via a simple wrist watch sensor, eliminating the need for funny looking foot pods or belt clips. Accelerometer technology is 95+% accurate, and much more dependable than traditional pendulum based pedometers. GPS-based running products are expensive, complicated, and are not reliable for indoor training or under heavy tree cover. The Accelerator Series is the perfect combination of accurate readings, simplicity of use, and stylish design.


  1. Stylish women's fitness wristwatch with built-in accelerometer for gauging distance
  2. Produces highly accurate readings of user's speed, distance, and caloric expenditure
  3. Adjustable step counter accounts for walking style, stride, terrain, and pack weight
  4. Built-in stopwatch and countdown timer; powerful 7-day, 10-week memory
  5. Clock with 12/24-hour time, date, and daily alarm; 1-year warranty

  1. A watch may be uncomfortable for some.
  2. Is this watch really your style.
  3. If it is not your style, you will not use it all day long.
  4. If you do not use it all the time, you may lose it
  5. Turns off after 30 minutes of not using
Whos is this for?
This watch is for those who prefer to wear a watch rather than something in their pocket or on their shoe. It is for someone who only needs a pedometer for running and serious walking.

Who is this not for?
This watch is not for those who do not like to wear a watch while running. It is not for those who might lose the watch if they do not wear it often.

M. roper says:
"First of all, I do agree that calibrating the pedometer is tough and frustrating. But, once you get it done right it's wonderful and accurate. There is an online tutorial that is helpful...I also called Silva directly and they were courteous and helpful.

On reviewer wrote that if over counts steps due to its sensitivity. There are 5 levels of sensitivity so you can find your right setting. The pedometer does not always count step by step...the pedometer can "differentiates between ancillary movements and actual steps. This feature provides users with the most accurate results by delaying calculation until it has registered 10 steps." So, this is probably one reason one reviewer thought it was over counting.

Just like any new gadget, there are always quirks to figure out. For me, it was worth persevering and getting the settings right. When you get your watch, open the packages and put the direction aside and head straight for the online tutorial ...
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Omron HJ-113 pocket pedometer

Omron HJ-113 Digital Pocket Pedometer

Product Description:

This pedometer can be carried in a pocket, bag or attached to a belt.  It has a large display with a clock and it  measures steps, aerobic steps, minutes, calories used and miles. One can see a week of exercise with a seven day history. This pedometer automatically resets at midnight so it is ready to go every morning. 


  1. Easy to carry it can be attached to a bag or to a belt with extra safety strap so it will not be lost.
  2. Can also just be put in your pocket where no one sees it.
  3. It automatically resets at mid night
  4. Records steps, miles, aerobic steps, calories used, and has a clock.
  5. Simple with no computer, yet has a 7 day history.
  1. If your cloths do not have pockets, you may have to clip it on.
  2. Some prefer a watch or shoelace attachment

Who is this for?
This is for the person that has clothing with pocket, a pocket book or something they alway have when they walk.  it Is for the casual runner as well as the walker.  It is for  keeping with you all day long to try and get your 10,000 steps in.

Who is this not for?
This is not for the runner who does not have pockets and may be annoyed at having something attached to their waist.  It may be a little difficult to read while running. It does not give speed, and pace.

Mike Keenan Says (thats me):
This pedometer is perfect for me. At 59 I love to run, but not too fast. Distance is more important than speed.  I hope to get more 10000 step days in the future; I am a jogger and walker. it is so much fun.  I can get my exercise in at any time and at any place.  This is perfect for someone with a busy schedule.  Every time I find myself waiting....I get up and add a few more steps.   My wife is not a runner, but she is really jealous of this toy.
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