Weight Loss Tips from Consumer Reports

1.  Stop DrinkingCalories
The obvious place to start is toeliminate non diet sodas. Some people even think diet sodas can add toweight gain. (Some suggest the bloating causes one to cravemore food, and some think the artificial sweetness keeps one fromcraving natural sweets like fruit.....the body craves super sweet foodsinstead.)  Also remember to count the calories in helthy foodslike juice and milk.

2.  Eat More Protein
Noone is quite sure, but high protein foods tend to be more satiating. Just remember to eat a balanced diet or you might have foodcravings of another sort.

3.  Eat More Fiber
Likefoods with protein, foods that are naturally high in fiber tend to fillone up.

4. Avoid Temptation
Food companies havespent a fortune on making food that is addictive by adding lots of saltor sugar... to foods. This causes other food to seem bland. If you find certain food to be addictive....avoid it ....particularly at home.

5.  Add 2,000 Steps a Day
Thatis about 20 to 25 minutes a day of walking.   Check out this walkingpedometer comparison.

6.  Cut Your Screen Time
Quitwatching so much TV and  walk away from the computer. (That iswhy this site specializes in  charts that help you to get yourideal body.....less time on the computer and more time exercising.

7.  Avoid the WeightLoss Pills
"The safe,effective long-termweight-loss pill remains elusive"

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